Thomas The Train 8514-96TJ Boys Bike, 14-Inch, Blue/Red/Black best kid’s road bike Reviews

 Thomas The Train Boys Bike Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 

Thomas The Train Boys Bike is a 14-inch road bike your child will love.  They will especially like it if they are big Thomas The train fans. It is the best kid’s road bike for any child, as it has their favorite characters graphics on it. It is also a perfect beginner’s bike for kids, as it comes with training wheels. Thomas The Train is famous cartoon character among kids, and having him on a bike will surely make the kids happy. Today we will review this bike. We will go through some of its features and pros and cons. We will find out why it is the best road bike for kids. So, here is the review of Thomas The Train 8514-96TJ Boys Bike.

People who can use this product:

  • For 3-6 -year-old
  • For beginner level bikers.
  • For Kids who love Thomas the Train cartoons and the character.

Thomas The Train 8514-96TJ Boys Bike

 Features and Highlights: 

Deluxe paint with Thomas graphics

Thomas the train cartoon graphics make it the right choice for kids. Especially it is a must buy for boys who love the Thomas The Train cartoon.

Coaster brakes

The bike has coaster brakes with allow the bike wheels to turn without applying pressure on the pedals. They are perfect for both dry and rainy condition roads.

Training wheels

The bike comes with training wheels.  They give your child that extra support while learning to ride a bike. The Training wheels are also Thomas the train themed.

Wheel covers

The wheels have Thomas the train themed wheels covers. They are very attractive to children.

Handlebar shield

The handlebar comes with a shield, which has Thomas The Train themed graphics.

Thomas The Train Sound Feature

The bike makes Thomas the train themed sounds, which come out of the bikes head tube.


Thomas The Train Boys Bike (3)

  • It is a very attractive bike with bright colors.
  • The bike comes with a realistic portrayal of Thomas The Train.
  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • The bike has a solid construction.
  • It is a very robust bike and will last for 4-5 years without any problems.
  • Attractive for kids aged 8-10 years.
  • It is loved by kids who are fans of Thomas the train.
  • The training wheels act as good support for children who are learning to ride bikes.


Thomas The Train Boys Bike (1)

  • It comes with instructions that are not clear. The manual has nothing that helps you assemble the bike.
  • Assembling it is not easy at all.
  • The Chain guard is made of plastic instead of metal. It feels easily vulnerable.
  • The overall build quality is not good and feels flimsy.
  • The pedals are a bit tight sometimes and can be pedaled with a lot of difficulty.


Does the bike come assembled from the factory?

– No, the bike has to be assembled by you.

How to apply the brakes for this bike?

You will have paddle backward to apply the brakes.

What is the bike’s shipping weight?

– The bike has a shipping weight of 27 pounds.

Does the bike have adjustable seats?

– Yes, the bike has a comfortable and adjustable seat.

For what aged kids is this bike perfect for?

The bike is perfect for 3-6-year-old children.

Who is the manufacturer of this bike?

– This bike has been manufactured by a company named Dynacraft BSc, Inc. It has been made completely in China.

What is the height of the bike from the ground up?

– The bike is 18” from the ground up.

Can the training wheels be removed and adjusted?

Yes, the training wheels are removable and also have adjustable height.

Is the bike sturdy and robust?

Yes, the bike is very sturdy and robust and last you for years

How tall should a child be to ride this bike?

– A child should be 30 to 38” tall to ride this bike comfortably.

Can the bike go uphill?

– No, as the bike is very heavy, it cannot go uphill.

Can you tighten the handle bars?

– Yes, the handle bars are adjustable and can be tightened.

What material is the chain guard made from?

– The chain guard is made from plastic.

Is the bike good for a 7-year-old child?

This totally depends on the child’s size. But we would say it will be a bit large for 7-year-old children.

How to assemble the seat?

 The seat has to be put through a hole in the bike and then adjusted with a yellow lever on the side.

What is the total weight of the bike?

The bike weighs around 13 kgs.

What are the bikes dimensions?

–  The bike has dimensions of 7.25 x 15.75 x 34.5 inches.

What style are the brakes?

– The bike has coaster or pedal brakes.

 Final Verdict 

Thomas the Train Boys Bike is a very attractive road bike for kids. We will consider it as one of best kid’s road bikes out there. The training wheels and the bike wheels make it feel ready to go on a track. The bike has adjustable height and comfortable seating. This was our totally honest and brief review, unlike other kid’s road bike reviews. It will be a fun bike for any 3-6-year-old kid, who loves the Thomas the train character. As the bike is a budget-friendly, some of the parts might feel a bit too cheap, but rest assured a beginner level bike does not need heavy duty parts.

This bike will surely bring a smile on your Childs’ face. The bike is very budget-friendly too. Purchasing this bike will be the best decision you make for your kid. Hope our review of the Thomas the Train 8514-96TJ Boys Bike was helpful to you. This can be the best gift to your child from you. Especially for those kids who want to learn to ride a bike.


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