Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Podium Youth Road Bike (24-Inch Wheels), One Size, Red kids road bike reviews

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Podium

 Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Podium Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

Diamondback jumped into the podium bike scene with its 1st generation podium equipped road racer. It created a humongous stir. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Podium Youth Road Bike is the 2nd generation in this line. It is considered one of the best kids road bike. It’s unique design and durability makes it the best road bike for kids in the market. It is a completely redesigned bike. It makes the bike stronger and sturdier than the previous generation.  This is an in-depth review of the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Podium Youth Road Bike. It will be an unbiased review, unlike other kid’s road bike reviews. We will have a look at some of its features, its pros, and cons and answer some of the frequently asked questions about this bike. So, let’s jump on to the review, without any further ado.

People who can use this product:

  • A starter bike for 8-year-old
  • For kids aged 9-12 years.
  • For smaller sized children.

 Features and Highlights: 

✓ Podium 24″ Light alloy frame w/replaceable hanger

Its 24” alloy frame, makes it a very light-weight bike. It can be very easily carried around by your child. The bike is 100 gram lighter than its previous versions.

✓ Aero Alloy straight blade

The Aero alloy straight blade fork helps reduce wind resistance when riding the bike. The brand new u-shaped cross-section and flaring base of the head tube, make air flow smoother.

✓ 155mm Alloy w/chain guard 38/48t

The 155mm alloy chains with chain guards have fewer chances of slipping off or getting loose. Climbing uphill with this bike is a piece of cake.

✓ Shimano Front and Rear Derailleur’s with 8 speed Sora STI Road Shifters

 The Shimano front and rear derailleur’s make barking more smooth. It has 8 speeds or road shifters, which makes taking tight turns easier. The shifts ensure that gear shifting is accurate and precise. Stiffness from the previous version has been significantly improved for this bike.


Diamondback Bicycles (3)

  • The frame is very stiff and durable.
  • The pricing is worth your money and very competitive.
  • The fork stand construction is continuous.
  • The cable routing is done internally.
  • It has compliance which is vertical.
  • Silicon shell reinforcement work has been done on the bikes joints, to make them smoother and stronger.
  • It has immediate and accurate forward propulsion.
  • It has a comfortable 27,2mm seat.
  • The candy apple paint job the bike has is eye-catching.
  • The frame is extremely light-weight.
  • Kit has drive-train spec which is top-shelf.
  • It is made with the same quality materials as bigger adult road bikes.
  • The saddle is very well-padded for kids.
  • It is a very easy to assemble the bike and is diamond ready certified


Diamondback Bicycles (1)

  • It has a hideous looking and performing head tube which might disappoint bike racers.
  • The rear brake routing is a bit complicated.
  • Many people might not prefer its candy apple color.
  • It has no rear shock absorbers.
  • The brakes take the time to respond when taking sharp corners while riding.
  • The gear ratios are not accurate at all.


What is the basic rider height for this bike?

 – The basic rider height for this bike 4 to 5 inch.

Will larger wheels fit on this bike?

– No, larger wheels are not suitable for this bike.

What is the tires ERTO size?

– The ERTO size of one tire is 24×1 (520mm), which is a very uncommon size.

Does the bike have quick release wheels?

– Of course. Both the wheels have quick release capability.

Are Chinese made bikes like this worth my money?

– Basically, all the bikes available in the market are made or assembled in china. Even the high-end professional racing bikes are named in china. You can without any confusion buy this bike. Diamondback itself is USA based company in Seattle, WA though.

Is the bike perfect for paved surfaces or gravel trails?

–  The name itself suggests it is a road bike. It cannot be considered as a mountain bike or hybrid bike, and trails should be avoided.

How much is the total weight of the bike?

–  The bike weighs around 850 pounds.

What are this bikes shipping dimensions?

This bike has shipping dimensions of 2.5’ height and 5’ wide.

At what angle are the adjustment shims positioned at?

The adjustment shims are positioned at 4 degrees.

Can it be used by 12-16-year-old kids?

– No, the bike is too small for them.

What is the bikes brake style?

– The Diamondback podium 2014 road bike has mechanical style brakes.

What is the bikes frame material made from?

– The bikes frame material is pure aluminum.

What is the shipping weight of the bike?

– The Diamondback podium road bike has a shipping weight of 30.1 pounds.

Does this specific bike model come in other sizes?

–  No, the Diamondback podium 2014 comes in only one size.

 Final Verdict 

This is a fine and sturdy bike your little one will have fun riding. The bike was specifically designed keeping kids in mind. Its small size and light-weight make it a must buy the product for your children. Diamondback might not be a very famous road bike brand, but the bikes they make are outstanding. Though the company was more famous for its dirt or mountain bikes, the podium 2014 is a welcome change. This road bike has started a new era of a good road bike. This bike is for those who love outside physical workouts. The Diamondback 2014 podium road bike still has a lot to improve. But if you are looking for the best kids road bike on a tight budget, this is the perfect bike for you. It is also a good bike for children who want to learn to ride bikes. It is a budget-friendly bike for with an enticing specifications sheet.


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